Highlighted in Tulsa Regional Chamber Publication

“Who were some of the first Tulsa-area companies to join the Chamber?" - A conversation with Fred Daniel III

December 2012 | The Chamber Report, vol. 87, iss. 6

Why has Fred Daniel & Sons, Inc. believed in investing in the Chamber since 1937?

“Because our local Chamber continues to represent all Tulsa businesses and strives to meet the goals of our business community. Businesses in Tulsa have not only benefited from the advertising and funding aspect of the Chamber, but also from the representation of business in the political arena.”

How does Fred Daniel & Sons, Inc. strive to improve and contribute to the Tulsa community?

"Since Fred Daniel & Sons, Inc., has been in business for almost a century, we are lucky to be able to compare what worked for our business in 1920 vs. what works today and to take that same comparison and apply it to our membership in the Chamber. Also by encouraging the Tulsa Chamber to work with the chambers in our surrounding communities, we can attract more business to the Tulsa community."

In about two sentences, describe Fred Daniel & Sons, Inc.’s goals and mission.

"Our goal is the same that it has always been:  for 92 years we have been giving our clients the consistent, reliable service they deserve, and with our Bainswest affiliated network, we are one of the largest firms in Oklahoma. Our clients benefit from our ability to provide the competitive offerings of a national firm and the personalized service of a small, family owned agency."